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How difficult is it to obtain a voter ID in the United States, specifically Wisconsin?
How difficult is it to obtain a voter ID in the United States, specifically Wisconsin? How does requiring photo ID amount to “voter suppression”? Isn’t it important to make sure that only citizens vote, and that they vote only once in each election? Practically, can illegal immigrants get school IDs, then vote? Why is asking for an ID while voting so controversial? Anybody can get an ID at the DMV so why are there so many discussions about how that requirement disenfranchises minority voters? Why are voter ID laws so controversial? Assuming that state issued photo IDs are made easy to procure, then what's the problem? Why didn't Hillary Clinton make a campaign stop in Wisconsin? From 1932 to 1994 Democrats had control of House of Reps for all but 4 years. What has changed in voter sentiment allowing Republicans to control the House 20 of the 24 years since 1994? Which is the more valid issue, concern over electoral integrity or the charge of voter suppression? If a significant percentage of African-Americans switched to the Republican Party, would we still see voter suppression bills in places like North Carolina, Alabama, Texas, and Wisconsin?
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