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Instructions and Help about Wisconsin dmv mv3001 printable

Here are tips on how to pass your driver's tests adjust your seats when you pull up to the DMV make sure you have both windows down the examiner will come either to your right or to your left make sure you have your paperwork handy so you can hand it to the examiner the examiner will then walk around your vehicle and check your lights turn your headlights on turn them off hit your hazard lights turn them off step on your brake step off your brake your parking brake they're going to ask you to pull it pull that up pull your parking brake up and let it down they're also going to make you blow your horn hit the horn and now we're ready to proceed make sure you put your blinkers on at all times when the examiners fish trust you to make either left or right turn at the stop sign please turn your blinker on before you get to the actual sign we're going to make a left when you get to the stop sign make a complete stop count to three in your head one two three and then proceed to pull off when driving down in a residential area if you're unaware of the speed limit usually in a residential area it's about 25 miles an hour but when you proceed to the street and if you're unaware you haven't seen the sign yet keep it at about 35 we're going to come to the stop sign and make a complete stop do not slam on your brakes that's a no-no they don't like that we're going to count to three in your head 1 2 3 and proceed I'm gonna make a right at the next stop sign place your Lakers on and come to an immediate stop make sure you're looking in your mirrors - laughs enter your light you can't see just scoot up a little bit but make sure you come to another complete stop please turn on the broken lines do not turn on the solid line you will fail if you do that so make sure you're listening to the instructor and not waiting to the last minute to make the turn to stop do not stop on the pedestrian walk you will get lots of points taken off or you may fail turn on the broken lines and there's a caution light so proceed with caution make sure you're looking to your right to your left and proceed Music what we're going to do next we're going to locate a parking spot I'm going to give some tips on how to backup and certain tips on parallel parking Music always place your blinkers on before you before you turn all right we're going to give us an example of how to back into a parking space I don't have the combs but I'm just going to give you a tip here we're backing up.

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