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Hi and welcome back to my channel so you guys I am so excited about this travel video yes this is my second one this week but I'm so excited about this travel video let me tell you why because I did a video talking about the Real ID requirements for traveling a couple years ago and do you guys know I still get people asking me questions about their travel their IDs and all that kind of good stuff and I remember saying a couple weeks ago you know I really need to do an update to that video so I'll have to do some research and see what's out there well lo and behold because I get travel video of travel related emails every day probably all day every day it popped into my email about what it means state by state requirements and everything else you need to know about this new Real ID and travel I said that ain't nothing but the law cuz I sure was just talking about that actually lat week before last so again this article is by Christie Rodriguez and it was updated on April the 24th and which was just a few days ago and it's called real the real ID act what it means the state by state requirements and everything else you need to know so let's jump right on in so recently the Transportation Security Administration began posting signs that add airport security checkpoints warning travelers about some updated upcoming ID requirement changes so what exactly are these changes and what do you need to do to be ready so here's some FAQ s so what is the Real ID Act well it was formulated in the wake of 9/11 and passed by Congress in 2021 the Real ID Act was passed to set standards for the issuance of sources of identification such as driver's licenses the Act established minimum security standards for state issued driver's licenses and identification cars and it prohibits federal agencies from accepting licenses and identification cards from states that do not meet these standards for official purposes it was aimed at eliminating airline terrorism by increasing requirements to obtain documents granting access to domestic planes state agencies like the Department of Motor Vehicle requires more paperwork regarding proof of residents residency which very much true you guys and social security number when issuing licenses identification cards under this new Act in addition the cards themselves will also be built using new technology making them much more difficult to forge it was - it has taken the federal government nearly fifteen years you guys to implement the full - Act fully a gradual process that has been met by some confusion as each state has a different status however all states will need to be in compliance by October the first of 2021 did you what I just said all states must be in compliance by October 1st of 2021 what does.