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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing wisconsin drivers license requirements

Instructions and Help about wisconsin drivers license requirements

Graduated driver's licensing it's kind of a big deal so you'll probably want to know the three stages that you'll have to go through instruction permit probationary license and regular license for your instruction permit you must be 15 and a half be enrolled in school and driver's education have an adult sponsor and pass a few tests the knowledge test the sign test and the vision screening oh here yes for the vision test do we need to wear glasses do you wear glasses No then no but it's a vision test for your probationary license you need to be 16 complete your driver's education course and this is a big one have a minimum of 30 hours of supervised driving before passing your skills test now I know you're probably thinking 30 hours that's like forever but how good are you at anything with only 30 hours of practice not so good keep up the practice Tim Music now you can drive this bad boy from 5:00 a.m. to midnight with no supervision or destination limits as long as your parents are ok with it also you can't forget about passenger limits you are allowed immediate family one non family member and one qualified adult wake me up when we get to the Pottery Barn suite we're going to the mall right we lost Music but from midnight to 5:00 a.m. drivers can only be unsupervised when driving between home work and school thanks Mari a qualified adult must be in the car for all other trips so be careful because it gets crazy out here Music and now you have your regular license but remember you have to be at least 19 I get it you're an adult but you're still responsible for following and understanding all driving laws including seatbelt use texting and cell phone use distracted driving work zones child passenger safety when you follow these steps you protect yourself your passengers and everyone you share the road with so get out there be safe and enjoy the road great work everybody Oh guys little help guys guys Music.