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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing drivers license renewal

Instructions and Help about drivers license renewal

Hi I'm dr. kluever an optometrist with eye surgeons associates welcome to fYI today I'd like to talk to you about the visual acuity and visual field standards for driving getting or renewing your driver's license can be stressful time for some especially for the elderly as they may be concerned that their vision may not be good enough to pass the test with today's short video I hope to give you a basic overview of the 2021 standards of what is expected visually to maintain a driver's license I will focus on the states of Iowa and Illinois as we die surgeons have offices in both locations in the state of Iowa to get an unrestricted license you must have twenty forty vision or better in at least one eye if the vision in one eye is worse than twenty forty but at least twenty 70 you can still get a license but will not be allowed to drive one headlights are required if the vision in one eye is worse than twenty seventy but at least twenty two hundred a license can be issued under discretionary review process that may have to be approved by a Medical Board most importantly that would also involve taking a behind the wheel driving test if the vision in one eye is worse than 22-hundred no license can be issued bioptic telescopes which are low vision accessory devices are not allowed to achieve any of the standards that I just discussed the visual field requirements for licensure and Iowa are as follows keep in mind that when we discuss binocular we mean using both eyes when we discuss monocular we mean the field measurements out of just one eye if the binocular field is equal to or greater than 140 degrees no restrictions exist if the binocular field is between 110 and 139 degrees then the vehicle must have left and right outside mirrors if the binocular field is less than 110 degrees or the monocular field is less than a hundred degrees but the person has greater or equal to 75 degrees in either the monocular field or the binocular field then a behind the wheel driving test will be required if the monocular or binocular field is less than 70 five degrees a behind the wheel test is required along with medical review board approval the license will be denied if the monocular or binocular field is less than 20 degrees in the state of Illinois the acuity standards for both an unrestricted license and a daytime only license are the exact same as Iowa now if the vision in one eye is worse than 2070 but at least 2100 then a bioptic telescope will be required in most cases along with the driving test and board approval in this situation though night driving will not be allowed at any time the license is denied when the vision is less than 2100 and one eye the visual field requirements.