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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing kwik trip license plate renewal

Instructions and Help about kwik trip license plate renewal

Music drivers who go through toll booths without paying are certain to get caught by a camera and ticketed but you may be surprised to see who we found using tricks to cover up their license plates are they doing it to avoid tolls Lisa Guerrero investigates tolls they help pay for our bridges and roads you may hate paying but if you don't a camera like this will take a picture of your license plate and send you the bill but some people are finding a way to thwart those traffic cameras by using something like this it's a plastic license plate cover that allows you to read the license from straight on but when viewed from an angle the characters disappear we were surprised to see more than 100 vehicles parked throughout the streets of New York City illegally obscuring their plates everywhere we went in New York we found those license plate covers like this one and this one and this one and this one so who are these people hiding their license plates apparently they're law enforcement how do I know because they have placards like this on their dashboards that's right every one of these personal vehicles we found parked outside precincts and courthouses around the city has illegally obscured plates the officer who owns this vehicle didn't even bother with the plate cover instead opting to hide his front plate under his windshield and painting over the rear plate and there was this car with the front and rear plates obscured with those plastic plate covers the placard on his dashboard says he's with the New York City Police Department so I waited for him to return are you trying to avoid paying tolls and paying tickets by having those covers on your license plate no then why would you put them on there do we have a screwdriver he was so embarrassed he decided to remove the plate covers and off they came but I had more work to do I just noticed that you have plastic covers on your license plate does that allow you to be able to skip paying tolls oh no it does not are you a cop yes and this guy wouldn't even roll his window down why do you have cover on your license plate and check out this SUV the owner removed the front license plate and the rear yep it's got one of those plastic covers look at the placard he's apparently a federal officer and he also wasn't eager to talk are you a federal employee but it's not just in New York cops here in Philadelphia are also using a variety of methods to hide their license plates - that's right the streets of Philadelphia were loaded with cars using illegal methods to hide their plates and they all had those police placards on their dashboards this motorist hid his plate with this police union badge can I ask you about your.