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How long would it take to develop the equivalent of http://www.whoisjustlike.me/ Facebook app?
How do we generate virtual FAX numbers to create a Free FAX App similiar to http://www.fax-number.co.uk?
How It WorksSee this link. Pretty much explains everything.You need to sign up for their services & they give you a number to which any telephone in the world can connect by fax.But the above does not seem to be the answer you are looking for.So, if you are thinking of setting up such a server by yourself, it is not worthwhile as it requires a lot of coding and programming. And you may need a license from the Telecom Regulatory Authority in order to route calls to the number you are trying to get your faxes through. Then it will require you to ultimately setup a telephone exchange (at a micro level maybe) which will be connect to your local telecom operator that will accept calls that are being routed to the server receiving faxes.In short, in the background this service is indeed connected to the telecom provider virtually / physically.Hope it answers that.Ravi.
I am moving to Denmark. How do I work out my personal tax? Is there an online calculator similar to http://www.listentotaxman.com/ for Denmark?
The Wikipedia entry on Danish taxes is comprehensive and well-updated. Taxation in Denmark.  Also, the Danish tax authorities, who can be reached at http://skat.dk, are usually quick to answer questions by email. If you are a professional with an income of above $100,000 a year, you should count on at least 50% of your income going to taxes, not including the 25% sales tax on all goods purchased and a 180% tax on new cars. If you have children, you cannot 'deduct' them as you do in the U.S., for example, but you will get a quarterly check from the government to help pay their expenses, regardless of your income.  There are no deductions for dependent spouses, which is why dependent spouses of either gender are unusual in Denmark.
I found out that Facebook has multiple data centers, when I type "http://www.facebook.com" which data center does my request go to? and how is it decided?
Your request (if you mean browser request) can't go to http://www.facebook.com  because it's just a name and not a location in the network. The address of the location is the IP address and this is where Facebook catches you.Your browser requests your operating system to find ("resolve") the name to the address and for this DNS system was invented a long time ago. Facebook owns their own DNS servers which control everything what happens within facebook.com and other domains FB owns. Root DNS servers (which own '.com' domain among other "common" ones) have a pointer to the Facebook's DNS servers. So your OS asks the root DNS "hey, what's the server for facebook.com, puhleeease?" and the root gives your OS the address. Then your OS sends the request to the specified address and asks for "www". And here Facebook knows your IP address and thus where you came from.For almost every point on the Internet Facebook knows the shortest "Internet distance" between this point and one of their locations. This is not necessarily a geographically closest point. I'm sitting in Menlo Park now and for my Comcast address Facebook DNS server gives me the address in San Jose but if I ask the same question from South San Jose it gives me the address in (try to guess!) Ashburn, VA! Well, they know better, I believe.And that's how you get to the "closest" location and hit one of their loadbalancers which will route your request to the most appropriate server (that's what Autoscale is for).This is actually how almost all CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) operate (Akamai, et.al).Also, the  perceived "Internet distance" is usually manipulated by the automated algorithms and/or manually. For example, your request should ideally go to location A, but this location is overloaded, or being maintained, or just expensive to operate now and they manipulate the distance so request would be sent to location B, which is not ideal, but OK.
I would like to make a website where people can make their own apps, similar to this one: http://www.appypie.com. Can anyone tell me how they do this?
An app-writing app is a complex thing to code well. You are effectively writing code at a higher level of abstraction, like designing a machine to build a car instead of just designing the car. If you don't already code, this is a tough assignment. The only basic pointer I can give you is that you will need to write it in a server side language such as php or asp. Store what you want the app to contain (eg data points) in a database so you can change it over time or for different users. 
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